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Patrick Gibbins has been a member of the « Chambre des Experts Immobiliers de France FNAIM » since 2015 and is an “Expert Immobilier” or a Real Estate Appraiser . A real estate appraiser estimates the value of a property when it is sold, mortgaged, taxed, insured or developed. We intervene across different types of real estate: houses, villas, apartments, chalets, chateaux, lofts, etc. It can be your principal or secondary residence, a property that belongs to you that may be leased or uninhabited. We also appraise the market value of constructible land or not.

As Real Estate Appraiser we act in an advisory capacity principally in the following situations: Sale or purchase

Real estate appraisal

  • Valuation of a rent adjustment
  • Inheritance planning, asset and real estate transfer
  • Divorce and separation of assets.
  • Mortgage application, collateral valuation and lease valuation
  • Wealth tax return (ISF)
  • Tax assessment and re-assessment
  • Insurance claims
  • Out-of-court settlement
  • Judicial procedure

We appraise the real value of real estate using a variety of criteria; comparative studies, surface area, architecture, building quality, market situation etc. to establish the The value is estimated by crossing multiple criteria: surface area, architecture, building materials, general condition, situation and state of natural hazards, analysis of diagnoses, state of the market... It may vary over time, either upwards or downwards.

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